property sales

There is a variety of approaches to selling your Spanish property.  The one you choose will depend in part on you, and in part on your property.  Villas will appeal to a different purchaser than will an apartment.  A countryside location will sell to a different client than will a location in the city or near the beach.  Your own timeframes and profit requirements will also play into how you approach the sale of your property in Spain.  The broker or agent you use to market your property will also factor into how your property is marketed, as each agency and sometimes each agent, has different approaches and is better at selling different types of properties.

Spanish Property Types

Spanish properties encompass all types, of course, but you will often see marketed the following: apartments, bungalows, fincas (small country properties), and villas.  A good sales approach for a smaller apartment without a lot of luxury amenities might be to focus on its location.  Be sure to mention amenities in town that would appeal to a buyer.  A larger, more luxurious apartment advertisement might display the furnishing in the apartment itself, specifically focusing on those top-of-the-range items that purchasers would not have to install themselves.  Many times, buyers choose apartments because of their low-maintenance lifestyle and built-in amenities, like a gated entrance or swimming pool, so be sure to mention all of these.

Bungalows are typically freestanding, with a smaller floor plan than a villa, yet often slightly larger than an apartment.  A sales approach for this type of building might appeal to those who enjoy their independence, yet still want to be close to a town or some amenities.  Available parking, high-speed internet availability, and the size of the ground may be items you would want to feature in your approach to selling a bungalow.

A finca, or small country property, is not a proper farm, yet retains many of the appealing characteristics of farm life.  People who wish to be a bit out of town or have horses or other animals on their property are likely buyers of this type of property.  Your sales approach for a property of this type would likely appeal to buyers who enjoy an outdoors, active lifestyle and still wish a certain level of amenities.

Finally, a villa is generally a larger home aimed at the luxury purchaser who wants a peaceful oasis with luxury fittings.  Your sales approach for this type of Spanish property would be one of understated refinement, highlighting the amenities that would cater to a discerning buyer’s taste.