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Mt. Pleasant, SC has a larger selection of new homes compared to older homes. In fact, the overwhelming majority of homes in this area were built in the past 15 years. And, comparing Mt. Pleasant to other Charleston areas, Mount Pleasant has more newer homes than just about any other area (with the exception of Summerville). So, if you are looking for a newer home in the Charleston area, Mt. Pleasant will be one of the best places to start your home search.

I have included below some of the most popular neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant with newer homes. These communities will all have a good selection of homes built after the year 2000. I have ordered these neighborhoods from newest to oldest based on the most current year built within the community.

Carol Oaks is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant to find new construction homes. Prices right now start in the low to mid $200s, and these have been selling exceptionally well. Buyers tend to really like the Charleston style of these, and they are well built for the price. Most of these date from 2006 to 2009.

Darrell Creek is a higher end community in Mt. Pleasant. Current prices range from about $450K to a little over $1 million. The newest of these homes were built in 2009, but you will find that most were built in 2005 and 2006. The main drawback to Darrell Creek is the location, since it is one of the further communities out on Hwy 17. However, this location also gives home buyers larger lots and plenty of privacy.

Rivertowne is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Mt. Pleasant with newer homes. It is divided into 2 sections. Rivertowne Country Club is a golfing community, while Rivertowne on the Wando is a riverfront community.

While both of these sections have new homes, the Country Club will have a larger selection of brand new construction. Although some of these homes were built in the late 1990s, you will find that most that are for sale right now have a date between 2003 and 2009. Prices right now range from about $250K to almost $2 million.

Park West is the largest neighborhood in all of Charleston. Each subsection is like its own community. Subsections with the newest homes are The Village, Coatbridge, Marsh Walk, Andover, Tennyson, Park Island, Pembroke, and Masonborough. The last 3 on this list have plenty of homes that are still being built. Homes in Park West range from the low $200s to almost $3 million.

Dunes West (along with Rivertowne) is one of the most popular golfing communities in Charleston. This gated community has state of the art amenities and is a nationally recognized community. Prices range from the mid $200s to about $3 million. Subsections with the newest homes include Marsh Cove (which has a huge selection), Richmond Cove, Wagner Point, and The Harbour (which has several homes that are still under construction).

I’on is known for its Charleston styled homes. It was developed to have the same look as the homes in downtown Charleston. So, you will find many of the same designs and finishing touches, like wrought iron fences and gas exterior lighting. The only real drawbacks to I’on are the size of the lots (which are just as small as the lots downtown) and the prices (which start in the high $500s and go up to more than $2.5 million). But, if you are looking for an authentic looking Charleston home without the strict zoning and the upkeep that come with a historic home, I’on would be a great neighborhood to consider.